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Dani Machado

Location: Mona Vale Telehealth - Video Consultation


Daniela is an accredited nutritionist and certified fitness specialist who thrives to help clients achieve their goals, developing personalised nutritional plans, promoting healthy lifestyle habits and monitoring progress.She focused on replacing unhealthy eating habits with healthy sustainable eating habits that are manageable for life. Committed to providing individuals with the necessary nutrition knowledge to achieve holistic health and a joyful life.

She is a professional wee-versed in supplementation, competent in perimenopause/menopause symptoms, interpretation of  blood test results and addressing inflammation within the body.

Daniela’s emphasis on health at every size and intuitive eating reflects a compassionate and inclusive approach to nutrition, promoting overall well-being beyond just physical health.


Additionally, Daniela has a special interest in disordered eating recovery showing her dedication to supporting clients in overcoming challenges related to their relationship with food. Clients working with Daniela will receive caring and knowledgeable professional guidance on their journey to better health.


  • Certificate IV in Fitness - Master Trainer Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Nationally Recognised Nutritionist - Vast Fitness Academy
  • Nutrition Protocol training