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Leanne Kanzler

Location: Mona Vale Telehealth - Video Consultation


Leanne Kanzler is a second time wife, mother, divorcee, TEDx speaker, Number 1 bestselling Author, Speaker, Registered Psychologist in NSW Australia, and passionate coach.  

Leanne’s journey of self-discovery, and commitment to helping others, began because of her very difficult marriage. During this time she found herself being constantly put down, disrespected, guilt tripped, gaslit and blamed for everything that was not right in the relationship.

This led to her seeking help, and the decision to go back to university to study psychology, at the age of 30, with a one year old son!

Leanne began coaching men in a way to stop the cycle of abuse. What happened instead is that she realised women were more willing to step up and do the work, and in fact she loved to work with women too!

Leanne is excited to be able to empower women. She does this through processes whereby women can release limiting beliefs that are holding them back. Some of these beliefs have been imposed upon them by their partners, their parents, or generations before. In releasing generational trauma we can truly heal.




Leanne Kanzler is a registered psychologist and coach. She has an interest in working with adults and couples. Her focus is on allowing the client to express their needs in a safe and nurturing environment, whilst providing education and tools to use at home. Leanne uses a variety of modalities including Sandplay Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, and Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT). Leanne is also registered with WorkCover and an EAP (Employment Assistance Program) provider.

Leanne has a special interest in helping men and women through the difficulties of a divorce or breakup. If you would like to break the cycle of bad relationships, or need help to move on Leanne has an online program that can help.


Adults and Couples
Relationship Issues
Divorce or Break up


  • Bachelor of Psychological Science


Registered with the Psychologist Board of Australia (AHPRA)