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Stephanie Guerin

Location: Mona Vale Telehealth - Video Consultation Cremorne


Stephanie is an experienced psychotherapist who allows therapy to be informed by the needs of the client and to address a broad range of concerns; including anxiety, depression, long-term mental health diagnoses, trauma, addictions, grief and loss, eating disorders and the challenges of dysfunctional family systems. 

Her skills are to guide and support people through life challenges, including relationship breakdowns and changes to family dynamics, grief, loss and childhood trauma. Stephanie has worked at South Pacific Private since 2018 and continues to focus on addressing the client’s diverse needs and moving them towards recovery and healing. This includes working with a broad range of people, from adolescents with behavioural and learning challenges, to adult individuals of all ages. 


Stephanie has a Bachelor Degree in Counselling and is currently finalising her clinical registration status with PACFA. She started her career working to support people in the community sector at the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross, for seven years. Stephanie’s work is guided by a range of therapeutic approaches including person-centred, existential, narrative, CBT and family systems theory. She values the integrity and sanctity of the therapeutic relationship as a way for clients to be heard, witnessed and understood. Stephanie is focused on developing communication skills and tools to foster self-awareness, self-worth, agency and hope.


Adults, Couples and Families
Eating Disorders


  • Bachelor Degree in Counselling