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Tania Pickering

Location: Mona Vale


Tania Pickering is a psychologist who works with children, adolescents, parents and families conducting comprehensive assessments and providing both group and individual therapy and workshops. She knows that parenting can be a very hard job and trying to help kids thrive, learn and have joy no matter their quirks is often on the top of the list of priorities. She also understands that no two families are alike and specialises in providing tailored assessments and creating plans for the future that are suited to a family’s values and life.

Tania has a Masters degree in Clinical Neuropsychology and as such has the comprehensive training necessary to provide in-depth assessment and ongoing support for your child and family. She sees that the main aim of assessment, apart from diagnosis, is to help create an effective plan for the future. To help parents get the information and resources they need to help kids thrive. This includes working with you to find strategies and supports for home and school as well as in house therapy, workshops and training and referrals to specialists and suitable programs.


She provides both private therapy for parents and kids as well as group-based workshops to help kids with their anxiety, attention, impulsivity, planning, and organisation issues as well as all the emotional, academic and social difficulties that can go along with them. She runs dyslexia and writing programs designed for kids with working memory, executive issues and attention problems as these can often go hand in hand.

Tania uses evidence-based psychological therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. She works from an attachment perspective and facilitates circle of security parenting workshops for those interested in helping their children regulate their emotions, recognise their needs and build connection. She also works with mammas at the start of the parenting journey struggling with all that comes along with this part of life, she is trauma-informed and used Neuroprotective Developmental Care.



Adults, Teenagers and Children
ADHD and related attention/behaviour/executive functioning issues
Adjustment Disorder
Educational issues Specific learning disorders – reading, spelling, writing, math
Autism Screening
Psychological and Emotional Disorders
Paediatric Neurodevelopmental Conditions
Intellectual Disability
Psychometric Assessments


  • Bpsych (Hons) Masters Clinical Neuropsychology


Member of the Australian Psychological Society
Registered with the Psychologist Board of Australia (AHPRA)